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Does your dog pull?
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If walking your dog is not fun, give us a call we can help

New Puppy?
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Thinking of getting a new puppy? Or if you need some help

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Want to know what other dog owners are saying about our services?

One on One
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For dogs that need a little more attention or a bit of extra training

Dog Training

Your dog speaks a different language to us primates. Yawning, lip-licking, sneezing and even scratching are just a few of over 30 signals dogs use to communicate with each other. They have unique social skills to avoid conflict, invite platy and communicate information to other dogs – and their owners.

MuddyMutts can help you learn this language, and give you the voice of a benevolent leader, not an alpha wann-be!

If you are finding your dog is exhibiting certain behaviours that are difficult to live with, perhaps embarrassing, or if the lack of basic training is causing a risk on the roads or in a pack setting, then MuddyMutts can assess the problem and guide you. It may be a simple behavioural issue that needs a slight modification, or if it is more complex then you will be advised openly and honestly of the underlying problem and the efforts that will be required of you.

MuddyMutts dog training services will work with you to train you and your dog, looking to achieve a harmonious relationship.